Family Vacation Stays in The Port

When considering a family vacation destination in Maine, one of the easiest to get to and greatest towns in Maine is Kennebunkport. If you are bringing the kids for a vacation, Kennebunkport and Kennebunk is a perfect Maine destination for family vacations – truly something for everyone.


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1st Lady Barbara Bush’s favorite spots in Kennebunkport

Everyone who has lived in Kennebunkport for a while has a Barbara Bush story to tell, many have a photo to post from an encounter with Mrs. Bush. Our famous first lady made the rounds about town, walked her dogs on the beach, shopped locally, dined at favorites like Striper’s at the Breakwater, Alisson’s and Mabel’s, attended church at St Ann’s, and frequented fundraisers. She was classy, kind, indulgent of photos when asked, funny and friendly. Barbara Bush is already greatly missed in Kennebunkport, but her legacy lives on at Walkers Point, and at her favorite spots in The Port and […]


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1st Lady Barbara Bush’s favorite spots in Kennebunkport

White Columns – Kennebunkport Historic House Tour

Kennebunkport’s “White Columns” The Richard A Nott House aka “White Columns” 8 Maine Street Kennebunkport Historic House Tour Known as White Columns, this Greek revival home was built in 1853 by Eliphalet Perkins, a wealthy Kennebunkport merchant. Eliphalet sold the house to his only son, Charles, as a “wedding present” for five thousand dollars. Charles Perkins, the most eligible bachelor in town, married Celia Nott, the girl next door and eldest daughter of the Baptist minister. During the mid-to late 1800s, Charles and Celia Perkins raised their family in White Columns while filling it with fine furniture, art, and books […]


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What is the Franciscan Monastery of Kennebunk?

If you’ve visited Kennebunkport, then you know the Kennebunk River serves as a centerpiece and focal point for this charming seaside destination. Yes, there are beautiful beaches in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, but its the Kennebunk River that runs through both towns delineating the vibrant communities and shoreline on each side that is an equally important landmark of this famous Maine place. Kennebunkport’s changing tide and scenery on the river out to the Breakwater is fascinating, with perhaps the most serene and beautiful spots on the River – The Franciscan Monastery. On the western side of the Kennebunk River, you see acres of undeveloped, uninterrupted […]


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Barbara Bush -Kennebunkport

My Barbara Bush story: When my kids were little, I would dress them especially well for children’s story hour whenever I saw “Celebrity Guest Reader” at Graves Public Memorial Library in Kennebunkport. It was the 1990’s, my husband worked long days at the Shawmut Inn on Ocean Ave (remember it?) before starting our luxury travel company, so I treasured our outings to the library. I loved sitting on the floor with my kids, listening to Barbara Bush read to them – the kids thought she was a nice lady, “she’s funny.” I explained to them what a privilege this was, being […]


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Fall festivals in the Kennebunks

If you don’t already love The Kennebunks, you will shore-ly fall for our seaside community in fall! See our Fall photos out and about Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Lower Village and Cape Porpoise. First, there’s the perfect temperatures and beautiful foliage. The beach walks are brilliant, and the sales in the Dock Square shops, art galleries and boutiques of Dock Square and downtown Kennebunk are also worth falling for. Kennebunk Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 8am – 1pm. This fresh outdoor farmers market goes on all summer, spring and fall but its best during harvest time when local farmers have a […]


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How to Stay in Luxury at the Port

While Kennebunkport receives the most visitors in peak summer, the charm and allure of the Port continues year round. In fact, locals love the off-season, fall and spring especially when you can enjoy summer like weather with far less vacationers in Dock Square, the beaches and boating. Also the best dining and lodging spots in Kennebunkport adjust their prices after peak season with special promotions, happy hours deals, and of course more availability – even at luxury hotel properties like Kennebunkport Captains Collection B&Bs and Inn at English Meadows. When it comes to lapping up the sweetness of luxury, the […]


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Romantic Hotel Southern Maine

If you’re looking for a recommendation for romantic hotels in Southern Maine, there are plenty to choose from. With a beautiful coastal landscape, the challenge might be choosing, so here are a few hotels in particular that appeal to many love birds: Seaside Inn on Kennebunk Beach Kennebunkport Captains Collection The Inn at English Meadows


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Affordable Hotel Lodging in Kennebunkport

While Kennebunkport has long been a popular vacation destination, this highly acclaimed coastal Maine town owes its international fame to summer residents, George H.W. Bush former President #41 of the United States, and his son George W Bush President #43. Today, visitors can view the former presidents’ estate, locally known as the Bush Compound on Walker’s Point. Many that peruse vacation spots along the Southern Maine Coast are under the impression that Kennebunkport is among the more expensive towns because of its famous residents and its outstanding dining and shopping scene and beautiful coastal vistas with luxury lodging options, like the Nonantum […]


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