Kennebunkport Festival – Art of Dining

There is an art to dining. Food is our substance but it is also social – a time to gather, share and savor the tastes from our gardens, farms and oceans. The Kennebunkport Festival is all about the celebration of fine food and wine, enjoyed in beautiful settings, complimented by art, music and conversation. In its 15th year, June 4-9, 2019, the Kennebunkport Festival brings together top chefs, proud homeowners, foodies, locals, and talented artists – to enjoy the bounty of creative cuisine in good company. Our Wednesday night’s Fest was the perfect summer evening in Maine… magical…starting with a […]


A Kennebunkport Festival Dinner Party

What’s it like hosting an Art of Dining event in your home during Kennebunkport Festival? In a word: amazing. Sitting at a big beautiful table surrounded by interesting people, enjoying a meal prepared by a pro chef in your own kitchen is something everyone should experience in a lifetime. When first asked to “host a dinner” during the Kennebunkport Festival, I was flattered. Tickets to these grand dinner parties set high expectations. But then, I thought, I don’t have to cook…so that’s pretty cool. So Greg and I set about setting a table, a big square to accommodate all sixteen guests in […]